About us

Composite Materials (CIT) - Toray Group - manufactures woven carbon, special fabrics, multiaxial, prepregs and UD tapes. We also formulate and apply our own resins, mainly epoxy and phenolic, as well as other formulations depending on the designated use and areas of application: industrial, aerospace, automotive, sport and leisure, medical, building.

CIT works in partnership with customers on projects aimed at obtaining oneof-a-kind pieces with the highest technical-performance level, in particular for competition vehicles and industrial applications.

We serve industries requiring composites because of their characteristics of lightness, versatility and precision.

CIT approach to composites is both specific and global, translating the customer specific requirements into a product offer that satisfies the specific need, in the most efficient and effective way. This is made possible thanks to our ability to manage the entire process. We have testing laboratories, weaving and impregnating equipment, and a staff of specialized engineers who understand the specific applications and customer requests and design the most suitable solution, all in-house.